Last night, I stumbled across an hour-long Twitter discussion between a group of bloggers using the #BDIB (Blogs Do It Better) hashtag.

It was already in full swing when I jumped in, but it followed the following format:

  1. People voted on the discussion of the subject ahead of time using a Twitter poll
  2. A regular took control of the BDIB (@blogsdoitbetter) Twitter account and asked a series of questions to prompt discussion
  3. Chaos ensued

Don’t get me wrong, it was a good kind of chaos! Lots of positivity with everyone talking like real people. Opinions and feedback were shared and acknowledged, with tweets flying all over the place.

Human Connection Quote - #BDIB

It kind of reminded me of using public transport in London: Everyone is doing their own thing most of the time, not making eye contact, focused entirely on what they’re doing. That is until someone does something stupid/annoying/funny enough to make them glance up and acknowledge the idiot with a fellow commuter/agree that an oblivious someone’s headphones are indeed loud/share a bout of laughter.

It’s that kind of human connection which brightens days and gives new perspectives on things.

My last post – 6 Top Tips for Promoting Your Blog with Twitter – looked at promoting your blog using Twitter, with the aim of driving more traffic and getting more visitor interactions. It wasn’t until the end of the post where the bonus tip (spoiler alert: which was about actually having a conversation) actually touched on how people should use social networks, as opposed to always being in the mindset of a business/brand.

I still believe my list of tips is good, but I guess there’s a lesson there about using promotional techniques in moderation, and to not forget about the social aspect of social media.

Of course, I’d love to get your views on where people do social media right and wrong, and where ‘right and wrong’ just aren’t appropriate/applicable.

For those interested in BDIB, chats are Monday 7PM GMT and Friday 8PM GMT (there’s also a BDIB NA equivalent on the same days at the same times, but EST rather than GMT).

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