Every blogger has a set of go-to tools and services, and on this page you can find mine!

As I discuss new services, tools, blogging platforms, etc. I’ll update this page to reflect those that I think are the best. Of course, they might not be right for every situation, but read on, and you’ll see that I try to point out when each service/tool should be used.


Udemy LogoWith over 9 million students, and 35,000+ courses, Udemy is my go-to place for learning a new skill, or developing an existing one. The community of other users allows for great interaction between students, and the course leader.

Their mobile apps allow for downloading and watching videos anywhere, and there are plenty of completely free courses to get you going!


Nodehost Logo

NodeHost has blown me away since migrating over! Their support has been excellent, and the service itself has been rock-solid, and lightning fast.

The have a free plan (which includes a MySQL database for WordPress hosting) and you can scale your plan up and down, and add as many sites as you need to. When you do start paying, the cost is between 4 and 16 Canadian cents per site per day (so scaling the plan lets you pay only for what you’re using), which is around £0.02 – £0.08.

The control panel is very easy to use, and includes everything you’d imagine, such as: SSL, FTP/SFTP access, webmail, backups, etc. When setting up a site, you can even pick your server location (currently San Francisco, London and New York). Don’t forget, it’s free to start with!


I generally use either Namecheap or for domains (it’s depends on the price, and who’s doing offers), but both offer good support, and easy to use control panels to manage your domain and account.

Namecheap also do great deals on SSL certificates!


Wall Planner – It’s the little things that help, but I recently picked up this big wall planner. It’s great for scheduling posts, and generally, life!

Evernote – I’m a paid up premium user, and can’t recommend it enough. Free accounts are pretty generous. However, if like me, you upload lots of images, receipts, etc., then premium is the way to go.

Doxie Scanner – There are a few different models, but this one is excellent. I still have too much paper laying around, but it used to be far worse! Now, I scan everything with my Doxie, upload it all to my Evernote account, which indexes all of the text, and means everything is searchable (this means if I open my Evernote account and search ‘Namecheap’, it will find a bank statement and show me the transaction where I bought a domain).

More coming soon :)



For some of the services below, I may be using an affiliate link. This can put some people off, but please let me explain…

  1. The cost is the same. Using these links won’t add anything to the cost of the service in question.
  2. The tools came first, then the link. I’ve chosen what goes on this page based on what I actually think of it. If that service had an affiliate program available, I’ve subsequently signed up for it.
  3. It doesn’t bring in as much as you think. These links generate a small amount that go towards covering costs. If they ever bring in a little more than I need… well, maybe I’ll treat myself to a hat, or something.
  4. You don’t have to use it. If you still don’t like the idea, feel free to visit the site directly.


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